Monday, July 19, 2010

26 weeks!

Good Morning!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I sure did! Friday my mom and I headed to Lawrenceville, GA to visit with my family and do some baby shopping. We got to Georgia pretty late because Mom and I take forever to leave and we don't like being on a "schedule" when we drive. If we see an exit we want to stop at we stop. Saturday we spent the day hitting up a few stores, having a big lunch and just visiting at my Aunt's house. I bought some cute outfits, hairbows and a $9 clearance pink vacumn cleaner. I will take pictures of everything... I promise.
My cousin gave me the largest box of baby clothes ever! Leigh had baby Adelyn October 13, 2009 so she was born around the time Kendall will be. Kendall seriously has enough clothes now for the first 6 months of her life. I am so grateful to have wonderful cousins and aunts that share baby things. I hope to do the same when I'm a seasoned momma!
(Mom and Amanda are coming over to my house tonight so we can go through all the clothes and sort them. I will take pictures for you!!!)
Back to our trip... Sunday we left around 10:30 am and what should have been a 6.5-7 hour trip turned into a 10.5 hour trip... like I said we like to make stops. There were 2 highlights on our roadtrip home. 1) We stopped at a Super Target and OMG please build one close to me soon!!! 2) We met up with my mom's cousin Sheila at Red Lobster in Bowling Green for dinner.
I told Mom that I thought making short stops on a road trip made you feel like you weren't in the car that long! My husband would never go for that!
Anywho... after unloading the car Chris and I watched our Sunday Night show True Blood. It's getting intense this season and I'm not really sure what to expect. They have semi followed book #3 but when they showed the previews for next week's episode I was confused!!! Why do they keep me in suspense????

Did I mention that I'm 26 weeks prego? That's 6.5 months- crazy! It still feels far away but really in 11 weeks I will be full term. NUTS!
Have a great Monday and I will post pictures from the weekend tomm!!!

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