Friday, July 16, 2010

Anniversary Trip (finally!)

Okay... you remember me talking about how Chris & I took a few days of our staycation back in June and headed to Gatlinburg and I only took 1 picture.
Read here and here if you're really interested.
Well it turns out I did take more than 1 picture - I took like 8 lol. Enjoy:
Riding on the ski lift. I was so scared!!! I mean I seriously was praying the whole time. I'm not a big fan of heights and I just kept thinking why am I on this? Is this safe? All I ever wanted to be in life was a wife and mother and I'm seriously going to fall off this thing and crush all my dreams. I'm a dramaqueen - what can I say?
Who doesn't love a photo shoot while playing mini golf?

Look at that belly!! 21 weeks here!
The second picture I got of us together - Happy 2nd Anniversary sweetheart!
Did you know the baseball coach golfs too??? Actually come to think of it... what sport doesn't he do? I told you I was married to a sports fanatic!!
Kendall loves to golf too. Notice my head is not in this picture. We had couples massages prior to our golf excursion and the massage therapist guy got all the massage oils in my hair. Nappy hair!!! Plus it was a bazillion degrees out! A drop off hole that Chris thought was really neat so I took a picture. Isn't it funny the things you take pictures of... like after you go to the zoo and you have a million giraffe and monkey pictures that you could care less about. At the time it was fun to capture it but looking back you can't remember what was so fascinating. And that my friends is the photo documentation of our mini vacay! It's fun to think next year we will have a little one in our vacation photos!

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