Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby Appointment & 4th of July Weekend

Good Morning!
I'm shocked I am actually updating this thing on the holiday weekend. I'm currently at my mom's house enjoying my day off from work. Chris, my brother and dad all went to the lake so we are having a girls day. We are going to get something yummy for lunch and then start baby shower shopping. We scheduled Kendall's shower for Sunday August 1. We also planned to go to Atlanta the weekend of 16-18 of July. Woohoo! This month is going to fly by and I will be in my third trimester! wow!!!!

Our appointment went great! Ms. Kendall was laying head down on her left side with her hands above her head. The tech was able to get the face and heart measurements she was unable to get last time. About time my child cooperates, haha! I will post pics later. They weren't as good as the last pictures because she looks so skeletal now. LOL We did double check that she is indeed a female so now I feel confident enough to open her bedding!! Her heartbeat was 140 bpm!
I had to do the 1 hour glucose test while I was there - I really did not think the drink was that big of a deal. It tasted like really sweet orange HI-C drink from McDonalds. They said "no news is good news" so hopefully I passed. Afterwards Chris and I went out for dinner and then to Babies R Us to register. It took us along time - there is so much we will need for the baby! It was kind of overwhelming. Chris and I probably looked so silly staring at the bottle wall! LOL

I met my mom, her cousin Sheila and my dad to breakfast. Have I ever mentioned breakfast is my favorite meal???? Amanda and I made a hobby lobby trip to look for baby shower things and I was really dissappointed with their selection! She went with me to register at target afterwards and we had a blast!
Later that night we went to Jacqueline & Jason's cookout! I loved being around baby Ethan and Liam. It made me want Kendall to be here so much more being around those mommas and babies. All in all it was a good night talking and hanging with good friends.

Chris worked the first part of the day and I caught up with cleaning, groceries and laundry. Then when he got home we headed to my parent's house for their big cookout. My dad bought a meat smoker last week so my brother made ribs and pulled pork bbq. YUMMY! It was such a great cookout and the fireworks show at the end was a nice touch!

Now it's time to check up on all my blog reads! Enjoy your holiday day off if you're so lucky!!!

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  1. Sounds like a really great holiday weekend to me : )
    You are entering into the fun part of pregnancy, where you start to actually look pregnant and can feel all the movements and get to go shopping and decorate the nursery, such fun stuff!
    I remember when we first registered it was so overwhelming, hard to believe but you really WILL need all that stuff at some point for your child.
    Enjoy your day off!