Friday, July 30, 2010

Dinner Party, Baby Shower and a Hardworking Man!

It's Friday!! Friday mornings are so optimistic for me. Of course I hate getting out of the bed every morning but Friday I get up knowing the next two days I get to sleep in. I can honestly feel my body wanting/needing more rest. Last night I was going to deep clean a few rooms in the house but it was so nice to just sit with my feet up instead.
As you all know (and I have talked about all week) I have an exciting weekend ahead of me! Tonight I'm having a little dinner party with my Grandma and Grandpa. I'm making them dinner & dessert and showing them Kendall's nursery.
I'm sad Chris won't be able to make it for dinner but it's okay. My wonderful husband has been working so hard these last few weeks sacrificing his time and making extra $$$ for our family. He has been installing a residential sprinkler system by himself and doing baseball lessons. I'm so blessed to have a husband that goes above and beyond to meet our family needs. I love you honey!!!
Where was I? Oh yes... dinner tonight! I won't discuss the menu yet because my Grandma is an avid reader and I want it to be a surprise!
I'm not sure I have anything going on Saturday... :( I'm sure it will change because I always find something to do. I may actually catch up with my cleaning Saturday so I don't have to do it this week. Chris is coaching a baseball tournament during the day and as much as I would love to go and support him I can't bear the heat or swollen ankles!
Sunday is going to be a very special day! It's my first baby shower! My sister and mom have worked so hard planning and we have alot of people coming. I'm so blessed to have such supportive family and friends!! I will have someone take a bunch of pictures for me so I can post about it next week!!
Next week is going to be busy too! I will officially be in my 3rd trimester so I will start going to the doctor every 2 weeks starting Monday. I have to get a rhogam shot but I'm not too worried about it! I hope they can tell me how big Kendall is!! Wednesday we have our 3D ultrasound scheduled and then as you all know I'm getting my carpets cleaned on Saturday. Yay! So like every crazy female I will clean before they come clean.
You probably won't hear much from me this weekend but I will have lots to talk about next week!
Have a GREAT weekend!!

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