Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Tuesday!!!

I'm so excited today! Well actually all this week really!
Tonight I'm meeting one of my friends I have not seen in years (except on facebook!) for dinner. Corri and I were in youth group together at good ole Valley View Baptist Church! She is expecting a little girl (Auria) on 10/26... one day after 10/25 (kendall's edd)! We have had so much fun discussing pregnancy and all things babyness on facebook it was only fitting we finally meet for dinner!!!
Also I'm going to get my carpets cleaned (finally) and I'm not going to be the one doing it!!
I'm all about saving some $$$ but sometimes you need to just get things done. So I scheduled to have my carpets professionally cleaned next weekend. Yay!
I had already printed out my rug doctor coupon and was ready to go pick one up this weekend but then I thought... I deserve to have someone else do it. I may even have them clean my couch and loveseat too!
Now if I could just get a housekeeper... let's not get carried away!!! Maybe one day!

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