Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have the best sister!

My sweet sister Amanda (Kendall's auntie) made Kendall the most beautiful baby quilt and pillow. She did it all in one day!
Amanda is so excited about Kendall 's arrival and being an aunt. She is going to be Kendall's favorite person (besides me, Chris and wilson of course haha) and will have so much fun doing things with Aunt Amanda!! I can already picture Amanda taking Kendall to the zoo and planning fun things for them to do together!!!

Here is the picture of the baby quilt! It's not the best quality because I took it on my lame iphone camera but you can see that it's so beautiful!

It has all these vingtage pinks and blues with the most beautiful fabrics. The back is lined with a soft material that feels like a receiving blanket.
Amanda is one of the most creative people you will ever meet and she has the best ideas! Check out the blog she started about her adventures in crafts - The Craft Procrastinator.
Thank you so much Amanda for this beautiful, priceless gift!!!

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