Monday, July 12, 2010

Ikea & a Nap Day :)

Happy Monday!
We had a busy weekend at the Ryan household. Friday night we had some fried fish at my parents. Saturday we left bright and early to go to batting practice. Well Chris went to batting practice and I went to Kroger to pack our cooler for the day. Then we headed to Northern KY for a baseball tournament. Did I say "we"... let me rephrase for you...I dropped the coach off and I went to IKEA in Cincinnatti.
My intentions were to look for baby stuff more specifically some kind of seating for the nursery. I was very close to buying this:
Instead I bought a stainless steel mixing bowl, salad spinner, mini pizza cuter, tupperware set of 3 and 2 dish cleaning brushes for a grand total of.... wait for it.... $18.82.
Pretty thrifty if you ask me! They had alot of things I'd like to buy like a tv entertainment center, colorful duvets for our bed... etc... but it was kind of overwhelming. Ikea is great but on a crowded Saturday when you're by yourself with no other opinion handy and pregnant... it's overwhelming.
We got home late Saturday night so Sunday I was ready to RELAX. I tidied up the house a bit and did my weekly grocery shopping. Then I took a NAP! One of my favorite things is to be cleanly showered in a bathrobe and zonk out into sleepland on my made up bed!
The hubby came home from working and took a nap too... haha. Wilson of course napped with both of us because he sleeps all day. I made a yummy dinner and this:
then it was countdown to TRUE BLOOD. I can't believe Bill broke up with Sookie. It kind of confused me at first but then he was acting the whole episode so maybe he really has fallen off the deep end? I also really hate this vampire & Tara combination... weird and awkward.
Anywhoodles... lunch break is almost over so until next time... buh bye!

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  1. I am soooo jealous! I wanna go to IKEA. If its that overwhelming Carl would be miserable the minute he stepped foot in. haha. I might have to pull a you and go without him.