Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's getting hot in here... take off all your clothes... okay don't really! It's just a song! But it is HOT outside!
It's also one more day until Friday - woohoo!!! Last night was a relaxing evening. I left work and headed to my parents to help my mom and sister with the baby shower invitations. It seriously took me 30 minutes to figure out how to mail merge mailing labels... then I realized there was a wizard! I just love step by step wizards. Ha!
I came home and grilled some steaks for dinner. I love how Chris comes home while I'm cooking and immediately tends to the steaks. It's a guy thing - if the grill is in operation he MUST oversee the grilling. LOL
Becca came over for a bit and I showed her all of Kendall's things I've purchased for her room and wardrobe. I just love showing her things off and I can't wait to show HER off!!! While Becca was there Chris completed the construction of the crib. He is such a great Daddy already! Love you honey! He doesn't know it yet but tonight he will be hanging curtains... mwhahaha
Here is a sneak peak of the crib/bedding/nursery. It's bad night lighting/iphone photography but it's enough to keep you anxious for the finished product. Note that I think I put the bumper on wrong haha - is the opening supposed to go in the corner???
After we put the bedding on we realized there is alot more space in the room than we thought. I guess I figured the crib was going to be enormous and take up all this space.
Here is the current floorplan.
Now I need your designing expertise.
Do you have any suggestions on how we could utilize the space better? We plan on adding a rocking chair but should we add something else like a book shelf?

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