Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jobs: Past, Present & Future

Because bloggy ladies I follow post such fun things... I will copy. Katie over at Cleared for Takeoff posted a fun blog today about all the jobs she has had so I thought it would be fun to talk about the jobs I've had, have and would love to have!!!!
1. A specialty pharmacy (15 years old) - I don't even know if this really counts. My mom worked in the office/pharmacy at the time and she got me a job working in the medical warehouse. I made $6.75 which was more than all my friends at the time (I was SO cool) and I just rode to work with her a few days a week during the summer. All I did was file papers, put together insulated medical boxes and gather/put away shipments. Looking back I just loved that I worked with my mom. :)
2. Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (16&17 years old) - This was my summer job for 2 years. The first year I was making $5.75 (talk about a pay cut from my 1st job) and I worked in a corn dog stand as a Team Member. Summer #2 I was promoted to Unit Manager of a Hamburger stand and I made $7.25. I got first hand experience of being a supervisor. I had to order stock for the stand and over see all my employees breaks, schedules, tills, etc. I felt pretty cool working the register with my register key. I flirted alot with boys while working at Six Flags and wore red polos with short khaki shorts. Haha!!!
3. Texas Roadhouse (19 years old) - I didn't work my senior year, summer or first year of college so this was my summer job after my first year of school. I don't think I was a terrible waitress but this is a job I NEVER want to do again. People are so rude ordering you around for more ranch dressing than one person should ever have and then you have the people who do not tip well. I always tip well now... unless it's totally rude/horrible service - but even then I tip the appropriate amount because you never know if someone is just having a bad day. This job was fun because most of the people I worked with were my age and all in college. We hung out alot after work that summer!!! Good times! 4. UPS (19-20 years old) - This is the place where I met my husband so it will always have a special place in my heart. I started out as an admin working the night shift 11pm-3am. It paid for my tuition that year and really wasn't horrible to get used to. It was difficult for me to sleep on a normal schedule on the weekends though and forget hanging out with people who didn't work the nightshift too! I was promoted after 6 months to Part time supervisor and chose to work outside on the air ramp. Normally I would have chosen some inside gig like I had but my friend Molly and cousin Adam worked out there already so I thought it would be neat. I just drove a crew of 10 guys around in a van to different planes and watched them load packages in the belly of planes. There was alot more to it I promise... like learning to drive a stickshift, working longer hours and putting up with disgruntled employees. I had to write people up!! Eeek! But three weeks into the job I was dating Mr. Chris Ryan - he is also part of the reason I quit this job because I didn't want us to get in trouble for fraternization. :)

(Circa 2006 - about to leave for work with my honey :) )

1. AST, Inc. (20 years to present) - This is the job I left UPS for and have stayed since. My father is the owner, ceo and my boss. It's an interesting gig sometimes working with family but I feel like it's the place I'm supposed to be in my life right now. It was a wonderful/flexible job when I was finishing up my undergrad and it will be a blessing when Kendall is here. I'm not saying I take advantage of the situation it just allows me a better quality of life. I do many different things here and I like that because I get a taste of all facets of a business. My favorite part is planning a trade show exhibit every year and going to different cities I normally wouldn't travel to like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston etc...

(This photo was taken my first year with the company at my first tradeshow in Philadelphia with my boss a.k.a. Dad)

2. Mary Kay Consultant - this is my side job/hobby. My main purpose of doing this is getting all my products at cost. I am a Beauty high maintenance kind of gal so it's nice having all these products at my fingertips. I service a handful of customers too.
3. Wife & Future Mommy :) My favorite jobs so far! I won't elaborate because I talk about these everyday...
Okay I have been thinking alot about what I would like to do in the future since I graduated from college. Here are my thoughts...
1. Teacher
Go back to school in one of those transition to teaching programs and become a teacher so I can have summers off with my husband and kids. Chris thinks I need more reasons to teach besides just having summers/holidays off. Maybe he is right... I will give this one more thought.
2. Occupational Therapist
Go back to school for 3 years (and $60,000) to get a Masters in Occupational Therapy. Sounds challenging and I feel this would be really rewarding. Not to mention I would make a great salary and have job security in the medical field. Not sure about $$ and extra schooling...
3.Food Stylist
Okay... I was watching one of those cooking contest shows and they had a contest between food stylists. The food doesn't have to taste good - it just has to look good. You know how the pictures in the menu always look better than what actually comes to the table??? That would be my fault!!
4. Work for Dave Ramsey or be a radio personality like Dave Ramsey
I recently got XM radio in my new ride and I listen to Dave Ramsey every weekday 4-5pm on my way home. I have always loved Dave Ramsey's philosophies on money and debt. I find myself giving people that call in my own advice when I hear them anyway so I'd fit right in. I'm also very passionate about living the best life financially and I'm always planning how we are going to accomplish our goals in this area.

There you have it folks!!! You should write about your past, present and future jobs and give me your link because I would LOVE to read about them!!!!

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