Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Living Room Tour

Remember when I made that cleaning schedule and said I would post pictures of my house??? Read here if you're interested in my cleaning schedule I've failed to stick with, and click here for the master bathroom or master bedroom tour.
So naturally I think I have begun what people call "nesting". Tuesday night when we were hanging some things up and working in the nursery I started cleaning all of a sudden. Like weird cleaning.... one minute I'm moving something and I notice the baseboards so I move on to cleaning them and then the next thing I know I'm cleaning my bathroom and vacumning the house. LOL
We all know what this means right? Not a single room really gets clean - thus the point of my whole cleaning schedule to begin with!
Anywho - here is a few pictures of my living room from the other night.

I feel like the walls are very plain. I had some curtains hung at one time but they made the room too dark during the day. Our couches are too large (but extremely comfortable) so I can't really have end tables or long curtains by the windows. :(

I would like to eventually eliminate the bookshelf and current entertainment center and swap for a wall mount/ cabinet space combo. I hate seeing cords and movies everywhere... but it's not at the top of my list of things to do to the house...
Maybe something like this??
Stay tuned for more home tours of my house!!

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