Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pregnancy Dream & a mother's LOVE

I had the best dream last night. I won't go into the graphic details (and it was graphic lol) but I dreamed that I gave birth to Kendall. :)
I hope my dream is a sign of her actual birth because it was a breeze in my dream. It was a home birth (weird, right?) and happened on my bed lol. I pushed one time and there she was - my sweet baby girl. Then I called my mom afterwards - haha- that's so what I would do except she will be in the delivery room when it really happens. But anyway I call my mom in the dream and she could just tell from my voice that I had had Kendall already.
I'm pretty sure the next part of the dream was everyone going out to eat. If giving birth was that easy - my family surely would go out to eat afterwards because we love doing that. :)
Anywho - my dream made me really happy this morning. I walked into her nursery (like I do every morning, afternoon and night) and just get that fuzzy feeling. I am so anxious to meet this little one and hold her in my arms. I'm so in love with her I could just cry!!

My mom sent me this last night - it's a picture of me as a baby!

I can't believe at one time my mom felt this kind of love towards me when she was pregnant that I feel about Kendall. Motherhood is one of those things you hear people talk about but you can never fully understand a mother's love until you are growing a baby and have a baby. I love you mom!

( My mom in 1985 - prego with me!)

I will have to post a picture of Chris and I as infants before Kendall comes so we can compare and see who she looks like the most!!

I leave you with this... my new "more blonde" hairstyle I got last week and forgot to mention!

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  1. Baby pictures are great no matter what decade they were taken in!!
    Can't wait lil miss kendall!!