Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random Things About Me ( Things I Love)

Scheduling blog posts
So I learned how to schedule posts last week and it's changed my life. Now when I feel like writing alot I make posts that day and schedule them for days when I know I won't post - like the weekends. So you are reading this now in the future but you don't know how long ago I wrote this... creepy, huh? I'm a nerd!

Weekend trips with my mom!
My mom and I have been in Georgia this weekend visiting with my family and collecting/shopping for baby things. I will post about that when I get back to reality posting but I'm sure we are having a blast!
My Pregnancy Journal Calendar
My good friend Jacqueline got me this calendar when I found out we were expecting. I have kept track of all the important events in our lives and the pregnancy so far each month. We also write little notes to Kendall in it - I just like to write things down I'm feeling or would want her to read about one day. Chris makes sure she is up to date with UK athletics lol. He writes sweet daddy things too. It also has cute stickers for things like " shopping for baby", "feeling tired", "felt baby kick" etc....
Body Pillows
I'm now the proud owner of a body pillow. It has made pregnant sleeping a little more comfortable. Someone thinks I bought it just for him...
What are some things you LOVE?
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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