Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shopping for Kendall

Shopping is one of my favorite activities as we all know. It's only natural that I shop for my baby girl! In fact I don't even shop for myself anymore because I want to buy so much for her.
I have tried to avoid purchasing clothing because a) all summer stuff is out right now and she won't wear summer clothes when she is born & b) I don't know what sizes to buy.
I have tried to only purchase things that are on sale/clearance because then I could justify buying things for my daughter who isn't here yet!
Here is her closet as of now... I assure you this was not all me... many people like Grandma and Aunt Amanda have contributed to this wardrobe!

This wasn't on sale - but I couldn't resist. I bought it in a 12 mos. style so if she is a chunker by next summer I hope it will still fit.
I have bought some non-clothing items as well.

Like this pretty purple uddercover from

Every new mom needs an udder cover right? Haha don't you just love the name???
I purchased this cute accessibility tote from a 31 Gifts party in May. I was weeks from knowing the sex of the baby but I figured the diaper bag is really what I will carry all the time so I should get something that I love. I think subconciously I knew it was a girl all along. It has 2 pockets on both sides that are perfect for a baby bottle or H2O. Inside it has plenty of little pockets. I doubt I will carry a purse much after Ms. Kendall arrives so this will be perfect to throw my keys, wallet, lip gloss and iphone in with all the baby items. I figured buying wipes & diapers early was a good idea. I have been trying to buy a little bit at a time especially when I have coupons and they are on sale. And there you have most of it... I'm trying to hold out until after our showers to buy more... but it's so hard!

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  1. OMG that lime green dress with the hot pink flower is the cutest thing ever! I wouldn't have been able to resist that one either.
    Good thinkin on the diapers and wipes, you can NEVER have enough : )