Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update on Project Nursery

Top of the morning to you!!! Last night I took a whole bunch of photos of the nursery and things around the house so I could have lots of things to write about this week!!
Here are some of the posts you can look forward to this week...
Update on Project Nursery (today!)
Living Room Tour
Anniversary trip pictures... finally
Shopping for Kendall
To your left is a lovely picture of me this morning
at work - LOL!
Update : Project Nursery
I just love Kendall's nursery! It has been a blast picking out things and finding items that match the decor. I'm waiting until we have our showers before I finish it completly but it all feels like it's coming together so GREAT!!
After getting home from work Chris & I worked on the nursery some more... we hung Kendall's curtains and a few canvas prints I had purchased. Changing Table/Dresser Other view of room (please excuse paint junk behind the door!)
Closeup of bedding with the cute Marshall's pillow that matches PERFECTLY - that will go on my my chair for feedings!
2 more cute Marshall finds - a pink picture frame and white side table
I'm thinking I will put a lamp on this table maybe? for late night feedings?
Another Marshall's find (loved that store that day!)
How cute is this matching ottoman?

I have a few more projects that need to go on the walls but I will probably add these last minute because they will need to be centered over the crib and changing table and I'm sure I will rearrange the furniture a million times before she is here!!

Left - The monogram that will be centered right above her crib.

Right - I'm going to repaint this picture frame that once hung in our guest bathroom and place it centered above her changing table. I thought I could put pictures of Chris & I during the pregnancy and then put her 1st picture in the middle when she arrives!

Closeup of frame = Throwback photos of our life :)
I purchased the vinyl monogram from OpenHeartsCreations on Etsy - she was wonderful to work with and sent me a few extra K's & Kendall's. I plan on adding a K to Kendall's nursery door. There are still a few things to be purchased but I feel confident that we have accomplished alot already!
Here is my list of things we still need for the nursery.
1. New light fixture - probably going to be a ceiling fan
2. Big rug for the floor for added color and so she can play with her toys there
3. A chair for momma - not sure if I want a glider, rocking chair or something stationary for those late night feedings!
4. Some kind of additional lighting - like a floor lamp or small lamp for the late night feedings!
5. A mobile type deal to go above the crib - I'm thinking something like this...

What do you think of our nursery so far??? Do you like? Is there anything you veteran mom's think is essential to a nursery that we are missing or should make sure we add? Let me know what you think!!


  1. I LOVE it!! It is so girly!! I don't get any of that with 2 boys! I adore the mobile with buterflies....it would look perfect over her crib!

  2. I can't wait to see the finished room! I hope that you will stop by and enter them in my baby nursery pictures contest when you're done. This pink and green beauty is a hit in my opinion!