Saturday, July 24, 2010

USPS take that!

Happy Saturday! I'm attending my friend Heather's baby shower today and who knows what after that...

Thanks to post scheduling I have prepared a B**ch fest for today about the US Postal Service!
I love America and I appreciate the mail system... except when they royally screw me over. Let me explain. I buy/sell things on Amazon. I sent an $80 text book through USPS and got a delivery confirmation. The buyer contacts me 2 weeks later because she has not received the book. I've never had this problem before and I tell her no big deal here is the delivery confirmation number. USPS MISTAKE #1 The lady working at the postal office switched my delivery confirmation stickers - the one for the $80 book going to Arkansas was placed on a $3 dvd going to Massachussetts. FAIL! I call the post office and they can't do anything about it. Amazon says wait up to 21 days before issuing a refund so I do that.... on the 21st day here is what I receive in the mail.
A USPS Parcel Search Request form claiming that at some point my package and the contents of the package separated. Here is what was left of the package and here is a form is you woould like us to look for it at the Memphis DEAD PARCEL BRANCH (a.k.a. lost mail cemetary... tears)
So I issued the lady her refund of $80 and now I don't have my book. I'm going to turn in the form as a last resort but I'm just so dissappointed by it all. Oh and they say if they can't find my book I can get reimbursed for shipping.... how generous thank you NOT!
This just makes me so mad... I want my book back so I can sell it again!

Have you ever had this much trouble mailing something????

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