Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend, Week Plans and 27 weeks Prego

I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays. I had a great weekend so I hate to be back at work but I have some exciting things happening this week!!!
Friday night Chris & I had a date night. A married date night... which consisted of dinner out, Lowes & Kroger. Ha! I love grocery shopping and Chris loves Lowes so that's a pretty good date if you ask me!
Saturday I attended my good friend/neighbor Heather's baby shower. They had everything so cute and she got a lot of goodies for Emmakate!! Afterwards I headed to my parent's house and spent some time with my siblings and mom. I bought some thank you cards at Target that are adorable and we went out to dinner.
Chris has been installing a sprinkler system across town so he was busy all weekend. I get lonely sometimes with him being busy but I know he loves doing it and the extra $$$ is nice.
Sunday was a complete Shelli day. Chris left pretty early and I usually wake up with him and stay up. I decided to go back to sleep and slept until 10 am! I don't ever sleep in that late! I made some breakfast for myself and Kendall (haha) and then took a nap!!! I guess my body is getting more sleepy???
Rebecca and my aunt Laura came over to visit Kendall's nursery. They loved it! We chatted for a bit and had a nice visit. This is when I started to get really bored... I had already cleaned the house during the week and nothing was on tv. So I decided to go to Kohls. My intention was to look for a new maternity dress for my upcoming shower but I ended up buying Chris a pair of shorts.
You know you're bored when you shop for your hubby!!!
Days like Sunday made me realize 2 things...
1. I don't know if I could be a stay at home wife/mommy
2. I can't wait for Kendall to be here so she can keep me occupied!
I DVRed True Blood so Chris and I could watch it together when he got home Sunday night - I don't even know what's going on this season.... I hate being in suspense!!
I also started my yard sale collection because our neighborhood is having one Aug. 28th!
And that was my weekend!
I have a few exciting things going on this week. I invited my grandparents over for dinner and to see Kendall's nursery Friday night! I love having people over! And then Sunday Aug. 1 is my first baby shower and I'm so pumped!!!! I love seeing everyone and sharing this special time in my life with the people I love!!!
Oh and did I mention that I'm 27 weeks pregnant today... according to which book you read... this is my last week of the 2nd trimester or first of the 3rd. Either way it's getting close!!!
I feel great for the most part. Sleeping comfortably is becoming more of an issue and squatting down to pick things up is starting to get difficult when you have a watermelon for a belly. I love feeling her move and I am so happy. Come on October!!
Sometimes I get nervous because I feel unprepared... sure the nursery is almost done but I have some baby gear to get and I have a to do list for the house a mile long!!!! I'm sure it will all work out lovely!!

Have a GREAT day!

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