Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30 Weeks Belly Shot & Crazy Prego Dreams

Sleep Situation = crampy legs, butt/hip achiness, restless legs, peeing five billion times a night and to top it off.... DREAMS!!
I have always been a dreamer (which I don't mind) when I sleep and pregnancy dreams are INSANE!
Last night I dreamed that we had our baby really early and it was in the NICU. I say "it" because in my dream I'm not entirely too sure what the baby was... anyways Chris's baseball team was putting on a fundraiser for the baby. Chris and I were in the hosp. looking at the baby and it was moving and it was really strange. The dream was not sad just very strange.
I swear the baby looked like a slug. It's arms and legs were not formed and it's eyes were huge. We loved "it" of course but it was very strange.
I told Chris about it when he got home from work this morning and reassured him (and myself) that Kendall is far more developed than a slug by now if this dream were to come true.
Then sometime between talking with him and waking up for work I had another dream. Chris and I had a baby boy and we were arguing with the doctors to release him from the hospital. Maybe it was the same baby from the previous dream? I don't know? But my mom had brought some clothes for him to wear but I had like 10 outfits in the diaper bag because I couldn't decide on the perfect "going home" outfit. When we were driving home with the baby (he looked like he 4 or 5 months old) he was so happy and I remember thinking how weird it was I couldn't feel him in my belly anymore.
Even though I complain about sleeping and other pregnancy symptoms I am really happy being pregnant. I read this poem on someone's blog this morning that made me want to cry.


It is important to me
that I spend a part of
the next few hours here
alone with you
in the darkness.
You and I will never
be this close again.
By morning you will be
a tiny person
all your own.
No longer the kicking,
demanding bulge
in my body that
I have grown to love so well.
I pray God will safely
guide you on your journey
and I ask him for the strength
to help you all I can.
Again you signal your
impatience to be free.
Time to wake your daddy.

It just made me think about how special all these little kicks and rolls in my belly really are and how it will be a million times more special when she is in my arms but I will still miss having her as close as she is right now. :)