Monday, August 16, 2010

30 Weeks :)

Happy 30 Weeks to me! Chris and I slept in and headed to our baby appointment this morning. Everything looks great! Ms. Kendall and Mommy are measuring just right and her heartbeat was strong in the 140s! We went out for a lunch date to Cheddars afterwards... yummy! Now I'm at work! Boo!
We had such a great relaxing weekend. Saturday we spent the whole day at my parents house. Chris was working on their sprinkler system and I took my sister Amanda school shopping! We got her some really cute clothes! It made me so sad because they had all these great deals on "regular" clothes and I'm wearing stupid maternity clothes! I did manage to pick up a few deals and a couple fall outfits for Kendall!
It stormed a little that afternoon and then we all ended up in the pool! It was like the old days - our whole family in the pool - plus Chris and Kendall! Wilson had a great day visiting at my parent's house too - so much that he didn't want to leave!!! We practically dragged him out of the house!
Sunday was my usual "wife" day while Chris was at work. I did a massive amount of laundry and grocery shopping! Then we grilled out and had my cousin Adam and his wife and my best bud Tara over! Tara is literally like 10 days behind me in the pregnancy world. She is having a boy - Caleb Stephen - he and Kendall have MANY playdates ahead of them!!!
So that was our fun weekend - I leave you with this! I had to test out my travel system after I got it together!

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