Monday, August 30, 2010

32 Weeks!

32 weeks and I feel every bit (if not more) pregnant. Not trying to have a Shelli pity party but yesterday and today have been the most uncomfortable I have been this whole pregnancy!

Enough about me...
Heather had her baby Friday and we visited her Saturday.Emmakate is so precious and mommy is doing well. I believe they are coming home today so I plan on making them dinner (or getting takeout) for them sometime this week.

Our yard sale was very disappointing Saturday. I think my yard sale career is over for now. There were like 20 sales in our neighborhood it just seemed like traffic was down. I guess it was a combination of poor advertising and the heat??? We made enough cash to go out to eat but the time and effort we put into it was not worth it!

My cousin Rebecca & Aunt Laura had a shower for their future SIL/DIL on Sunday. It was a lovely girly afternoon. I love showers! The bride got some great gifts and everyone had a good time. Of course I took no pictures. :(

I was pretty much spent when I got home yesterday from the shower. My hips felt achy all day and some of that 1st trimester nausea started to creep in. I pray that it was a one time event... I really enjoy food and don't want to be nauseous!

Enough debbie downer-ism - let me tell you some positive things about today!

1. 32 Belly Picture

2. Lunch is soon - yay!

3. Our appointment is at 2:50. I get to hear baby girl's heartbeat.

4. Shopping - I have to return a few things at Target and I need to get groceries for the week.

5. Go home and watch yesterday's episode of True Blood with my lover C. Ryan!


  1. congrats to heather! she is precious!
    yay for first heartbeat!

  2. Emma kate is too precious! And you look so great!! You're just glowing :)