Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy Weekend with Movies

I'm so sleepy this morning but I figured I should update this thing before I forget what happened this weekend.
Friday we had an insurance person come over to give us physicals needed for our life insurance policies. I feel so grown up having a life insurance policy. I joked with my dad that I thought my husband was trying to "off" me and if anything happens to me remember this conversation. I'm so morbid. But honestly as my favorite radio show host, Dave Ramsey, says life insurance is the best thing you can do for your family. With a baby on the way we need to get our ducks in a row!
After the lady left we went out for some pizza and picked up a few red box movies.
Hot Tub Time Machine (kind of dumb)
& She's Out of My League (kind of cute)
Saturday we were up super early for our Marathon Baby Class. The class covered all sort of topics including signs & stages of labor, induct, c-section, pain management options, taking care of mom after delivery, taking care of newborn and breastfeeding. The class also included a tour of Labor & Delivery and the Couplet care/Mommy & me Postpartum areas. They also had a Pediatrician come in to speak. I really enjoyed the information although it was a really long day. I'm glad Chris and I were able to do this together. I love the hospital where we will meet Kendall and feel very confident about choosing this facility. When we were walking on our tour we passed a few newborns - they were so sweet! I can't wait until we meet our bundle of joy!
After our class Chris showed me where he recently installed a sprinkler system. I'm so proud of my hubby! He is so handy!
Speaking of my hubby I'm not sure if I mentioned this last week but he passed his Praxis II Exam. This is the most difficult of all the teaching exams because it's based on your content area in which you will be teaching. Chris will be teaching Secondary Education Biology and he said the test was very difficult. Some people take it more than once. I'm so proud of him!! He actually starts school today. It will be his last fall semester with intentions of graduating in the spring!!! Go Chris!
Back to Saturday - we didn't really do much that evening. We were pretty wore out from sitting in our class all day so we had dinner and installed the carseat in my car! Ha! We also returned our Redbox's (I'll be damned to pay another night's rental!) and got some coke's from McD's! That's my kind of date - Ha!
Sunday I went with my parents to a family reunion. It's my grandpa Joe's side of the family - Harrison - it was held at a pavillion at Nolin Lake. It was a nice time of visiting and eating. I'm pretty sure I tried every single dessert that was available! It was very hot so it didn't last too long. Afterwards I (finally!) got to see my parent's lake property they purchased a few months back. I cannot wait until they build their lake house - I have a feeling we will be there most weekends during the summer! I just love the lake!
I was pretty pooped by the time I got home yesterday. The heat is really starting to take a toll on my pregnant body! Chris went somewhere with his dad so I watched another movie - The Last Song. I usually read Nicholas Spark's books before I see the movie but I didn't with this one. It was a good movie with a typical Nicholas Spark's ending - I didn't really care for Miley Cyrus but she wasn't terrible. About this time Chris came home and we watched True Blood and called it a night!
All in all I think we had a great weekend! I have a busy week ahead of me as I prep for our neighborhood yardsale Saturday. I've decided to go crazy and get rid of tons of stuff!!! It may be only chance to declutter and make some $$$ before baby!
Before I sign off I'd like to wish my cousins Rebecca a Happy Birthday today!
Have a Great day!
P.S. I'm 31 weeks pregant today. I will post how that's going later this week!

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