Friday, August 6, 2010

Crying Babies and Matching Wardrobe

I just don't think life can get any better right now!!! Ever since my shower last weekend and our 3D ultrasound on Wednesday I am so anxious/excited/blessed can't wait for Kendall's birthday!!
I was in the middle of my nesting (wiping down walls - vacumning before carpet people come to vacumn lol) and catching up on my DVR shows for the week... when there was some show called True Life: I'm Having Twins. Anyways... in one of the scenes a baby was born and cried for the first time... so there I am snuggling on the couch with Wilson (lactating lol) and sobbing! I seriously cannot wait to hear her cry for the first time!
In other news:
Look what I just bought for Kendall & I!

Nursing Outfit for Mommy and gown & cap for baby!!!! We will be styling in the hospital!!

As far as this weekend goes... I will be watching my man play some softball and getting our carpets cleaned tomm. We might even squeeze a little date in too!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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