Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Decorating Help!

I'm not really sure if I have posted about my living room or kitchen before but I am going to today. If you haven't noticed already I have added a new page up at the top called " Our First Home" which is basically a home tour of our casa! Check it out!
I took some pictures of my living room and kitchen this past weekend (when it was clean) to share with you all but hopefully in return you can give me some feedback. I feel like these rooms are so boring and need a facelift. I don't necessarily want to spend alot of money in the process so I am looking for some great ideas to give these rooms some character.

Living Room
This room is in dire need of a new paint job which is on our house to do list before baby. I plan on keeping the same paint color or repainting with something very similar because it's neutral and it works. However I feel it's so plain!!! I'm willing to switch out any wall decor or try something new. I'm also unsure about what to do on the windows. I had some dark maroon curtains for awhile but they took away alot of natural lighting from the room and I didn't like that so I took them down. What are your thoughts???
Also - I am hoping we can fit a new entertainment center into the budget sometime this year - maybe something like this???
Kitchen I love the cabinets, countertops and paint color in this room. I think aesthetically all the colors are very warm and work well together. However it's lacking some charm! Eventually we would like to install a backsplash like this (I don't see this happening before baby) but it's not a priority. What are some decor things I could do in the meantime to spruce this room up?

Clearly I am looking for some D.I.Y. ideas because I don't want to spend alot of $$$ because these changes may only be temporary! I think this interest in making my house more cute is from nesting but I'm afraid I won't care anymore (or have any time) once Kendall is here!!

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