Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Baby Talk!

Happy Grocery Shopping Day! Atleast that's the most exciting thing I might be doing today! Honestly ... I'm one of those people who loves to buy groceries. I clip my coupons, take a peek at the sales ad, print my shopping list off kroger's website and head to the store! I find it exciting seeing how much I can save and planning meals!
Plus... we have no food in the house. Or atleast anything to make decent meals with!
Now on to more Baby Talk because that's really all I want to talk about these days!!!!
Here are some better pictures of my sister's quilt she made for Kendall... as promised!!
Ands I must share with you what Kendall's room looks like now that it has all the gifts from my shower in it. She is one blessed little girl! I am so grateful for everything that has been given to my family! I just can't wait for her to be here so I can use everything!! She is on her way to reclaim my former title of Ms. Bow with all these headbands and bows!! Blankets and products galore!!! I built this pack and play all by myself yesterday! It's so nice and I can already tell we will use it ALOT! Funny thing... after I put it together I noticed there were a few pieces left over that probably shouldn't be! When Chris got home from baseball practice he helped me figure out where they went! Also I got another gift from my Aunt Vicki and cousins Leigh and Sarah from GA! Aren't these the cutest bloomers you have ever seen? They know me so well because a) I love anything and everything monogrammed and b) ruffled bloomers are so precious!!! I can't wait to stick these on her cute baby butt!!!Here is the latest belly pic as of a few minutes ago (courtesy of Kendall's uncle David)! It's getting big!!!!
Have a GREAT day!!!

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