Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend & Target Shopping

Happy Monday!! This weekend was very relaxing for me. Friday night I went with Chris to his work's softball tournament. There was a girl I went to high school with watching her husband too so it was nice to have someone to sit and talk with.
Saturday I ran some errands and got the house ready for the carpet cleaners. I was so excited to finally have this checked off my to do list. They did a great job cleaning the carpets and our living room furniture but now I think it smells funny. I hope it's just me or the cleaning scent goes away soon. Since everything was damp Saturday night we headed over to my parents to hang out. Wilson came too and rode with Chris on the way there. Zoom in on this picture and you can see his head sticking out of Chris's car and his tongue hanging out. I was cracking up the whole way there! He loves having his face in the wind!!
Sunday I ran some more errands and visited Chris for a short minute at the softball field. It's hot enough walking to and from your car so there way NO WAY I was chilling in the heat at the ball field!
I bought a few new things for our home instead from at my favorite store - Target!
Organic white sheets After 2 years of marriage we are down from like 5 sets of sheets to 2. I still have all kinds of odd numbered pillowcases but I like when everything matches so I bought another set because they were on sale for $30! Woohoo!
I could not find a picture of this table cloth from their website but here is a picture of it from my phone. It has a bunch of pretty green, yellows and blues. It makes me want to take down the wall decor we currently have in there!
I love Target! I could spend hours there. They have such nice/cute things for affordable prices! I hope Kendall loves Target as much as I do because she will spend alot of time there with me!!

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