Tuesday, September 14, 2010

34 Week Appt.

My appointment went wonderful yesterday and I have officially scheduled our 1st 1 week (36 weeks) appt. So from here on out anything could happen when we start going every week! Getting excited??? I am!!

Mom was excited going with me and she got to hear Kendall's heartbeat and meet my doctor. Kendall's heartbeat was in the 150s and Dr. Brown said I'm measuring right on track!
I had a few questions but really everything has been smooth sailing! :) The Dr. felt around a little bit and thinks the baby is still head down because of our last ultrasound. I'm pretty sure she is head down too because I feel her little butt/back in the middle of my belly and I feel hiccups really low in my pelvis. Stay put Kendall!

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing a little baby shopping... what did we shop for before I got pregnant???

I don't really have much else to say today. I just wanted to keep everyone posted about my 34 week appointment - I'm leaving work in a few minutes to head to the pediatrician's office to chitchat! :)

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