Monday, September 13, 2010

34 Weeks - 42 days until Due Date

42 days!!!! OMG! And it could be sooner or later.... Wowsers!
Before we get to the belly pictures let me tell you about my weekend!
Friday night Chris and I had dinner with my cousin Rebecca and her husband Chris! It was a last moment double date but we had lots of fun! We ate dinner at McAlister's and then us girls made a Target stop while the boys did whatever boys do while their wives are in Target!
Saturday Chris was competing in his company's Kickball Tournament for United Way. Yes I said kickball... did everyone just have a flashback to elementary school? I hated kick ball during recess... I was the girl who just kind of stayed in the back of the line. :0)
Wilson had a hair appt that morning so while I was waiting for him to be done I hit up the good and faithful Wafflehouse with my parents and sister. We hit up some yards sales after breakfast at a local neighborhood sale. My mom got this huge tub of baby clothes for $5! It has the cutest little sleepers and shoes and they are in perfect condition. She said she will keep them at Grandma's house! Ms. Kendall is so spoiled!!!
After I picked up Wilson my cousin Liz stopped by my house to see Kendall's nursery and show me her ENGAGEMENT ring!!! Woohoo! I'm so happy for Liz & RJ. She asked me to be a part of the wedding so I am anxious to hear all her planning details and look forward to their special day sometime next year!!
Saturday night was spent watching some football and heading to Walgreens during halftime for a Kitkat run. That's literally all I could think about and boy was it good!
Sunday I did a little shopping with Jacqueline and baby Ethan at the mall. Ethan seriously is the cutest little boy. He just kept smiling and flirting with everyone who gave him attention! He turns 1 year old next month (very close to Kendall's EDD) and I just cannot believe it! I remember hanging out with Jacqueline when she was prego last year and visiting her and Ethan at the hospital! They grow up too quick!!!
Later in the afternoon I stopped by Heather's to visit with her and baby Emmakate. She is so sweet and still so tiny! Heather is doing great and seems so happy in her new role as Mom!
To end the night Chris and I watched the True Blood finale. I was really disappointed with the season and finale. It built up some and then kind of was a letdown most of the season. Some of it's getting weirder... I wish they would follow the books because I loved book #4!
My mom is going with me to my 34 week appt. today. Chris was kind of bummed because he has had perfect attendance but this was really the last regular appt. he would be able to miss. Chris has 40 student teaching hours to complete this semester at a high school and he is trying to get those done on Mondays and Fridays before the baby comes. It's so cute because he is doing the hours at my sister's high school. She saw him in the office one day and I just think it's too cute! Bonding!
Anyhow - this should just be a regular pee in a cup, take blood pressure, hear the heartbeat and ask questions appointment so it's okay that he isn't there. He said last night, " what if they end up doing an ultrasound? Will you get pictures for me?" :) I just look forward to my 36 weeks appt. (not because of internal exams - heck no!) because we will start going every week until Kendall's birthday!!!
Now the moment you've been waiting for... 34 week belly pictures!!!My photographer for the day showing his sympathy belly shot - Kendall's Uncle David

Front view of this belly! I am looking pretty big these days - almost done cookin'~!


  1. I think you look GREAT!! Better than I did when I was that far along! You deffantly are a beatuiful pregnant women!

  2. Shelli, you look fantastic! If your body is as achy as mine has been the past couple of days you sure don't look like it!