Monday, September 20, 2010

35/35 Day!!!

Happy 35/35 day!!! What is 35/35 day you ask??? Well... it means I am 35 weeks pregnant with 35 days to go until Kendall's due date!!!! I'm secretly hoping we only have like 25-30 days left... that would be awesome if she surprised us a few days early!!!

It was another busy weekend for us! I am looking forward to September being over because I have nothing planned except the birth of my child. I'm so ready to have nothing going on so I can just enjoy my last days pregnant and enjoy spending time with my husband as a pair.
Saturday I went to a baby shower for Tara (baby Caleb) it was fun going to a baby shower and it not being for me. Ha! Not that I don't love having showers - it's just fun to play baby shower games! Plus it was for a baby boy - I'm surrounded by girly stuff - I love looking at little boy stuff too!
Yesterday my mom and I attended a New Grandparent's Tea at my delivery hospital. It was a really nice class and very informative for mom and myself. I was happy we went on a tour too so she got to see the Labor & Delivery unit.
Sometimes going to these classes is like information overload! It makes me so anxious about protecting my baby when she enters the world.
For example:
  • I need to get a T-DAP (Tetanus, dystheria, pertussis - whooping cough) immunization and so does Chris, my parents and anyone else spending a good amount of time with the baby. They will offer it to me before I leave the hospital - thank goodness.

  • Deodorant is really harmful to babies if they were to get it in their mouth - who knew? I mean I wasn't planning on letting her play with my deodorant but I didn't know it was so toxic.

  • Also I sadly took off my cute baby bumper off Kendall's crib. I figure it will be safe to put back on when she is older but it's considered a hazard when she is an infant.
Anywho... this week is also TV PREMIERE week! Seriously all my favorite shows are starting this week. My dvr is ready to go and I'm ready to watch!!! Click on my link to the left of the blog to see what I'm watching this year - if you're interested!!! Ha!

Tonight Chris is studying for his first test in his Evolution class (yuck) and after his study attempts yesterday when I was at home I think it be best that I find something to do tonight. I have a few things to return to Target and a 30% any single Old Navy item... so I think that combined with watching tv will keep me out of his hair so he can study!
I'm on a mission to find the perfect outfit for Kendall to wear in her 1st professional photo at the hospital and the perfect going home hospital. I hope it's cool outside when she is born so she can wear cute fall clothes!!!

*** I installed my carseat yesterday too! ***

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  1. My prediction: The full moon on the 23rd will send us both into labor and we'll have our little girls in our arms on the 24th! ;)