Monday, September 27, 2010

36 Weeks People!!

Happy Monday! It feels like fall today and I'm loving it!!! I decided to wear my favorite fall sweater purchase of Fall 2009 today with my prego clothes. Probably because it's not form fitting at all. But seriously - horizontal stripes are not a prego girl's best friend. But at this point when you are so large - who really cares???
With that being said... here is my 36 weeks glamour shot.
Here is a closeup of Kendall. We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night the hubs and I went on a little dinner date. Saturday my church had a children's clothing sale. We added to Kendall's shoe collection. I think it's safe to say this girl is going to love some shoes! Just like her momma!
Later I watched the movie Letters to Juliet with my mom and sister. I'm so glad I didn't make the hubs take me to see that! It was so cheesy!
I was in bed at like 9 pm Saturday night! Ha! I fell asleep to the sounds of my husband cheering/yelling at the UK/Florida game.
Sunday was my second and final baby shower. Chris's mom hosted at her home. I received a bunch of bfing goodies (lansinoh cream, soothies, etc), more clothes and this cute new addition to our living room!
Kendall's things are taking over our home!! I kind of like it!
Today I am leaving work early for my first pelvic exam (yay for me) and first weekly appt. I have a bunch of errands to run afterwards and then I am attending the "ABC's of Breastfeeding" class at the hospital at 7pm. Fun times!
I will keep you posted on our progress (hopefully) sometime tomm! If any progress has been made you can bet "Operation Evict Kendall" will be in effect.


  1. Shelli! Operation Kendall should be in full force. Can you believe you are going to have a child in four weeks!?! We are growing up! haha. Hopefully things start moving for you and you don't have to wait much longer.

  2. Operation Evict Kendall... I love it! Can't wait to hear about any posisble progress!! I'm looking forward to my first weekly appointment on Wednesday!

  3. I watched Letters to Juliet one night last week, and I agree very cheesy! I haven't seen a really good movie in a while! Sidenote cute belly pics!