Friday, September 3, 2010

The BIG Nursery Reveal!!!!

You've waited long enough and with only 52 days until Ms. Kendall's estimated due date (Oct. 25) I finally took some pictures of her completed nursery. This is by far my favorite room in the house. I love going in there to play with her outfits or just to sit and daydream about my baby girl. It was so much fun picking everything out for the nursery and I feel like it turned out exactly how I wanted!!! All I need now is my precious baby to occupy this room!

Door view of the nursery
Crib view with paper lanterns and vinyl monogram
This was so easy to apply to the wall and I think it turned out so beautiful!

Dresser/Changer with dainty dresses on the wall - I love the idea of having clothes hanging up... I plan on switching the outfits out as she grows!
These dresses were a steal at Target!! They are 12 mos. so I doubt I will switch them out anytime soon!
Mommy's feeding station ( ignore the chair cover that desperately needs to be steamed!) I added the little table for items I will need while I'm nursing - like a drink, cell phone charger etc.
Pictures that loaded sideways on blogger for some reason. Everyone tilt their heads to look!
Growth Chart I found at Hobby Lobby and added Kendall's bows... I like seeing all her bows at one time!
Other view of the Nursery. I plan on finding a cute hamper for behind the door!

Kendall's closet! This closet wreaks of DREFT and I love it! I love all her things!
Stocked and ready to go Changer! Those drawers are jam packed with onesie, sleepers, gowns, blankets and bibs! All freshly washed!
There are still a few items I may add (rug, new light fixture) but I am in no hurry! I've got 52 days remember??? I have a feeling it will go by very quickly!
Hope you enjoyed my nursery and have a GREAT Labor Day weekend!

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  1. the nursery looks great! Pink and green are my favorite colors:) Love her sweet! I hope these next weeks go by quickly for you! I'm getting impatient with less than 2 to go...our babies will be here soon!