Wednesday, September 1, 2010

32 Week Appt. & Dinner with Friends

Bonjour! Happy September 1st! Now I can officially say that I will be having a baby NEXT month... as in October... hoping she comes on time! This pregnancy (and 2010) has flown by! I seriously cannot believe it's September and I'm 32 weeks pregnant.
Let's catch up... Monday we had our 32 week appointment. I'm not sure I like going on Monday afternoons. The office was really busy and I felt very rushed with the doctor. Usually she measures the baby bump, checks for the heartbeat and then sits with us and asks if we have any questions. At this appointment she was literally edging towards the door saying "I'll need to see you in 2 weeks" after she checked for the heartbeat! I know everything is going perfectly but I just would like a little more information. How is the baby positioned? How big is she? What do I need to be thinking about regarding labor/birth plan?
I know she sees a million pregnant women every week and to me this is the most important things going on in my life but I just felt like a number at my appointment. I've decided I need to come prepared with valid questions/concerns on a piece of paper and make her address them all. She is my doctor and will be bringing my child into this world so she can spare 15 minutes.
Tuesday was a little rough at work... I'm just having trouble finding energy throughout the day. Every time I have to get up I cringe because it's so uncomfortable these days... oh the joys of pregnancy. She is rolling around ALOT! Sometimes it's uncomfortable because my belly cannot move the way she can but it's so fun to watch my belly move! I love placing my hand on what I think is her back or butt in the center of my belly. I just like touching it and telling her hi and that I love her. :)

After work I met up with Tara (prego with Caleb) and Jacqueline & baby Ethan at Cheddars. Poor Ethan has a viral infection and was feeling a bit sickly. He still entertained us at dinner though! Seeing Jacqueline tend to Ethan while trying to eat and talk with us made me realize I'm going to have a huge life change. Of course I welcome the change but going to dinner will not be a walk in the park anymore!

After dinner I headed to Target with Jacqueline & Ethan. I had a coupon for a nursing bra that was about to expire so I had to use it. Jacqueline needed some meds for baby Ethan. Target has all their fall baby clothes out now and as usual I couldn't resist. Kendall is going to be so fashionable!!!

After Target I came home and decided to start washing some of Kendall's clothes. I didn't wash any with tags just hand me downs and some I received without tags. Let me just say I LOVE the smell of Dreft!!! If it wasn't so pricey I would do all our laundry with it! I stayed up until midnight washing 3 loads and when I get home today I will finish organizing and hanging it all back up. Seems like alot of work but I love spending time in her room and I'm afraid I will be too uncomfortable to do it in the next month so I'd better get it done. Same goes with cleaning my house - I may be doing that this weekend so I can catch up!
This evening I'm making a Roast with potatoes & carrots and visiting Heather & baby Emmakate!

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