Friday, September 10, 2010

Consignment Sale = FAIL & Adventures in Nesting

Happy Friday! It's a wet one but perfect weather for the crumminess I feel. Not trying to be a complaining prego lady I just feel sluggish and achy today. I haven't even put my makeup on and I might not at all today! Ha!

So... I left work early yesterday and hit up the bank & Target with my mom. Then we ventured to Indiana to get my oil changed (finally) and visit (another) Target and Kirklands. Then it was time to go check out the consignment Pre sale I registered for and told you about yesterday.
FAIL! It was a glorified yard sale. Nothing against Indiana but I heard the one in Louisville was bigger and really nice. If we were looking for baby/kids clothes we probably would have made out okay but we were hoping to find some big items.... pack n play & high chair for mom's house. They had nothing like that! I did find 2 Bumbo seats (mom wants one) but they looked so gross. Seriously if you're trying to sell your things wouldn't you give them a little TLC??? We walked around for a grand 10 minutes and walked right out the door a little disappointed.
Then we went and ate dinner at Cheddars and hit up Macy's! Although the consignment sale was a disappointment my mom did hook me up with some nursing goodies on sale at Target. She is the best! Invitations for my second baby shower went out too... so yesterday ended up pretty great!
So I have been hardcore nesting... like walking around with a hand vac is normal now. *** Side note - my dog who is getting his hair cut tomm. has been shedding and this is so unlike him - I hope it's just his winter coat getting thick and nothing else because I seriously cannot stand this hair which is why I carry around a hand vac****
Anyhow... backtracking... on Monday (memorial day) while the hubs was working on the deck I decided I would take up my long, lost hobby - sewing. This lasted 3 hours with no finished products except this new tablecloth. I had this thick material on hand and cut it to match my table - didn't even use the sewing machine for this project. Notice my freshly cut knockout roses in the small vase on the table also... I am so becoming my mother!I did manage to make some throw pillows for our bed. This is the current look of our bedding right now... and I had the sudden urge to change it and give it more warmth for fall/winter. So I thought I'd switch out the throw pillows, euro shams and coverlet with some warmer fabrics like the blue/green combo in said throw pillows.
BUT THEN... I was reading my latest issue of All You magazine and there was this whole 3 page spread about PINK ACCENTS!!!! So I have tossed the whole changing the bedding idea and I'm now thinking I need to switch up the room with new curtains and wall art for over our bed and KEEP the PINK! I would eventually like to paint this room too... I'm over the brown blah!!! All in time - my husband's honey do list is already crammed so I may look into redoing the master bedroom after some other things get accomplished... summer 2011 project anyone?
This nesting (a.k.a. wanting to change everything about the house before the baby comes) is exhausting!!!!!

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