Thursday, September 30, 2010

Falling for Fall Ya'll

Happy last day of September! I'm surprised anyone is even reading this blog after I posted a picture of my scary pregnant Shrek feet yesterday. Ha!
September has flown by and I'm glad to see it go. October is Kendall's scheduled month of arrival. Well I hope she doesn't wait until November to make her grand entrance anyway!
The last few days it has felt like FALL! I love the changing of the seasons. Except for Winter. I don't particularly care for that one past Dec. 26! There are so many great things about fall that I love.
Apple Cider
I have been craving apples big time this year and cannot wait to have some warm apple cider!
Fall Decorations
I have like 4 fall decorations in my whole house (FAIL) but I love seeing fall decor every where else I go!
Chris's Birthday
Hubby will be 26 on 10/14. Will Kendall share her birthday with her daddy????
Fleece Jackets
I love wearing a fleece zip up jacket because you can wear it with anything!

And many other things I forgot to mention. This fall I will add a new favorite and that will be remembering the birth of my firstborn, Kendall. It will be a special fall for our family indeed!


  1. I love fall and fleece! I can't believe October is here or how excited you must be!!

  2. I am just so incredibly happy for you. Such exciting times and what a beautiful post this is! So simple - and yet the happiness is just flowing through and through. Love it!