Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've been kind of quiet these past few days on the blog. Nothing to write about! I have been working during the day and watching tv at night! Ha!
Let's discuss the highlights shall we?
Tuesday night was a new episode of GLEE... and can we just say I am so so so excited about next week's episode because it is a tribute to Ms. Britney Spears.

Last night was a big tv night that included Modern Family. I LOVE that show! Seriously if you are not watching you NEED to be!

In baby news... I have been searching for the perfect outfit for Ms. Kendall's 1st photos at the hospital. I am having no luck! I'm so picky and I have this perfect outfit in mind but I can't find anything like it!!! I want something like this little romper except minus the polk a dots and more dainty!!
I've kind of taken a break from nesting... or I've run out of things to do! Ha! I'm pretty sure I will be cleaning my house big time over the next 32 days... because that's all I have left to do.

After this weekend all my big commitments and plans are non existent. All I have going on in October is 1) Hubby's 26th birthday and 2) the birth of our first child. I want to spend every minute until Kendall's birthday nesting and relaxing and enjoying being a couple. I'm tired of being so busy and I know when Kendall is here things will seem hectic so I want to enjoy these last few weeks with her in my belly. I actually look forward to my maternity leave because it will be so nice spending time in our home with our brand new baby. Not to mention I will be off during all the holidays. It's going to be so nice!

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  1. miss shelly!!! congrats! you are the winner of my organization tote giveaway!! email me your address so that i can send it on the right person and get that tote sent to you! :)