Thursday, September 16, 2010

What to pack for the hospital?

As I approach the full term mark in my pregnancy I think it's time I start packing our bags! With +/- 39 days to go it can't hurt to be prepared.
Here is what I have for my bag so far... (bear with me and tilt your head for the picture)

Kendall's bag (I may be over packing for her!)
Diaper bag - onesies, sleeper, receiving blanket, mittens & lanolin
The Labor Bag... and start of Chris's bag
(comfy neck pillow, socks and eye sleeper thing - chris's hat my dad got him on father's day)

I probably will throw everything in one big suitcase and carry the diaper bag separate. I will nto be taking all of the things in the picture next to the diaper bag.
Here is my list so far:
Shelli (Mommy)
Gowns & Robes
Thick socks
Outfit to go home
Body pillow
Boppy pillow
Lanolin cream
Comfy nursing bra
Kendall (baby)
Receiving blanket (just 1 because I will be using the what the hospital gives me while I'm there)
Outfit for newborn pictures
Outfit to go home
carseat installed in car
Chris (daddy)
comfy clothes
extra pillow? I can't imagine the hospital having comfy pillows!
Cash for vending... etc
Camera and charger
video camera and charger
blackberry and iphone charger
Newborn organizer book
Can you think of anything cruicial I need to add to my list? Anything I have on the list that is pointless? I would appreciate the feedback!!

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  1. What's the Newborn Organizer Book? Do I need one of those?!?