Monday, October 4, 2010

37 Weeks

Dear Kendall,
Today you are considered full term at 37 weeks gestation. It's been so much fun carrying you around in my belly! However daddy and I talked last night and we are ready for you to come out now. We put batteries in all your neat things last night and I finished packing my bag for the hospital. I even picked out your first outfit!
This past weekend we went with some friends and picked out your first pumpkin. I'm hoping you make your appearance before Halloween so you get to see it in person!
I have been dreaming about you every night - so much so it's getting difficult to sleep. I think you are preparing me for our new life together. It will be much more fun to wake up with you than by myself.
Another reason you should come out is because you are running out of room! I know it's very cozy and safe in my belly but there is so much room outside of my belly!! Plus daddy wants to hold you too!
Here is a picture of us this morning. I took it in my cami because my purple shirt I'm wearing today makes me look like a huge plum.
Today we have our 37 week appointment and the doctor will check you out again. If you'd like to come around 12:40 today that would be great because we will be across the street from the hospital.
However if you decide to hang out a few more days or weeks I understand. I want you to feel your best and be ready to take on the world! But don't dilly-dally past October 25 or I may have to kick you out!
I love you very much Kendall Grace!
Love Mommy
**** DR's Appt Update****
Still dialated 1 cm. I am 50% effaced and Kendall's head is right there. All good signs! :)

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  1. Precious! :)
    Come on out, miss Kendall! I'm working on having a friend ready to play when you are ;)