Monday, October 11, 2010

38 Weeks & I'm a cooking machine!

Good Morning! I'm so excited because today marks another week in Pregnancy - 38 weeks - so I'm 2 weeks shy of Kendall's E.D.D. That's if princess decides to come on time! I'm still holding out that she surprises us a few days early. I've been having contractions so hopefully she's made some progress. Our appt. is around 2pm today so I will post all about that tomm.
Yesterday was a GREAT day. I managed to go to the groceries, pick up the house a bit and tackle a mountain of laundry. I even got a little nap in before Chris came home from work. :)
Yesterday morning I was checking facebook statuses on my phone and someone wrote about an Auntie Anne pretzel kit they bought at Kroger. So I made sure to pick this up while I was at the grocery. I love soft pretzels. I decided I would make them, eat one and freeze the rest.
They tasted just like they do at the mall!!! Yummy! I will have to whip these up for a girl's night or something sometime. In the meantime I have a few ready in the freezer for a quick indulgent snack!
Speaking of freezing... while I was preparing my pretzel dough I thought I would whip up some muffins. I love eating a muffin in the morning and thought these would be good to freeze too. I could reheat one for breakfast or a snack. So I made like 4 packs of Martha White muffins.
Then... I had a package of chicken noodle soup mix I bought a few weeks ago that I wanted to try and make for Chris. So I made that too!
Chris woke up and was like "what is that smell?" I guess chicken noodle soup, muffins and soft pretzels don't have the best aroma when blended. Ha!
Anyways... now I have a nice selection of frozen snacks and meals in my freezer. Perfect for when baby Kendall is here.
I have a few other meals I would like to prepare and freeze this week or next. I am so domestic!

After my cooking extravaganza, Chris and I walked around the neighborhood. It was nice to take a walk but I got really achy halfway through our walk. I kept going because I wanted Ms. Kendall to realize she needs to come out now. I was exhausted by the time we got back so I cuddled up in bed and read a little bit before calling it a night.
Little did I know I'd be up all night anyway! Potty breaks every hour are getting old! However I feel like my body is ready for sleepless nights with Kendall now.
How was your weekend???
P.S. My mom sent me this yesterday - isn't it precious??? It's me on the right and my brother David on the left. Proud papa in the middle!

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