Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Appointment Recap

I'm in a mood today. An "I want this baby out of my belly" kind of mood. My appointment went great yesterday but not how I was hoping. I was hoping my water would break on the exam table and I'd be sent across the street to L&D. Still pregnant...
I'm still 1 cm but I am around 75% effaced and her head is still low where it should be. (Yay Kendall!) I talked to the DR about everything that I've been feeling and told her my concerns for the baby's size. I just feel like I have a huge baby in my belly. She said I was measuring exactly at 38 weeks but my belly was filled out on the sides quite a bit. (Well yeah where else would her body go?) Anyways I told her I was a large baby (9lb 3oz) and she asked if I would like a fetal growth ultrasound next week. I said yes. I also asked if and when she would strip my membranes (sounds gross I know but it speeds things up) and she said at my 39 week appointment.
So I scheduled a growth ultrasound and my 39 week appt for next Wed. because DR won't be there Monday or Tuesday. Most likely Kendall will be born when my doctor is unavailable I'm sure.
I have mixed feelings today. I am concerned she is going to be too big for me to have the delivery I desire. I trust my doctor and know that if she felt it was a problem I would be having said ultrasound sooner (or already had it) but... the thought of waiting until next Wednesday is like forever away. Maybe I am just thinking about it too much. Someone please tell me what I'm supposed to be thinking about these days other than the birth of my child and I will. (Sorry for the sarcasm I'm in a mood.)
I just don't like that Kendall is running out of room. I want her outside of me and in my arms now. I'm getting anxious and although I have enjoyed my pregnancy, I'm ready for it to come to a close and have my baby.


  1. Don't fear her being too big for you to have the delivery you want - I know of several people that have delivered 10/11lb babies... and completely natural at that! I'm sure every momma thinks about this and a million other crazy things when they're where we are in our pregnancies but just try not to fret about it!

    She'll be here soon!!! :)

  2. My heart goes out to you. I can't imagine, just found out I'm pregnant last week, confirmed by my doc yesterday. But as much as I can't imagine, I can say, hang in there. You are almost there and from what I've always heard, the last two weeks are the worst. I know that's no consolation at all...but you will have Kendall in your arms oh so very soon!

    You have had a blessed pregnancy! I'm sure you will have the birth you desire!