Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy Busy Bee!

I have been a busy girl this week! I've done something every afternoon after work and I haven't watched any of my DVRed shows! Can you believe it?
However... the 25th still feels light years away.
Here is what I've been up to.
Tuesday night my wonderful Mom & Kendall's awesome Grandma treated me to a pedicure! My swollen feet are on the left. :)

I love getting pedicures but I always feel like the nail techs are talking about my feet when they talk to each other in a different language than english. The lady doing my feet asked me something I couldn't really understand and the next thing I know I had yellow flowers painted on my big toes. Ha!
I wish I'd known she was doing nail art - I would have requested "Welcome Kendall" or something for my big toes! Ha! I kid!
Wednesday (last night) my mom, sister and myself went to a class at the hospital called "CPR for Family & Friends". I'm really glad we took the class. I hate to think of my precious Kendall to ever stop breathing or choke but I feel like I would know what to do now to help her. Everyone should take a CPR class. Chris couldn't go so I'm going to give him a lesson this weekend.
Speaking of my husband... I'm really nervous and acting silly because he is driving to Indianapolis tonight for a Teacher's writing conference all day Friday. I'm afraid I will go into labor while he is two hours away. Please pray that Kendall waits until Friday evening if she decides to come.
Okay where was I... today my mom has arranged for her massage therapist friend to come to her house and give us massages! So around 3:30 today I will be treated to a relaxing and much needed massage.

Since Chris won't be home tonight I packed some things and brought Wilson with me to work so I can just stay the night at my parent's tonight. I sound like I'm 12, right?
Wilson loves coming to work with me and he really needed a day out of the house. Many of you are probably wondering what kind of workplace would allow me to bring my dog... well I work for a construction business and my boss is my dad (Wilson's grandpa) so it works out nice as long as he stays out of the way.
I used to bring Wilson all the time to keep me company when everyone was working out of town. We don't get alot of walk in visitors/business and I work in the middle of nowhere. Just like at home Wilson makes me feel safe.
Isn't that the greatest about having a dog? You just have a cute furry friend to keep you company and you never feel alone!
Here is a picture from 2008 of Wilson at work with me. :)
My hair looks really cute in that photo - I may have to try that style again! Speaking of hair appointments... I have one scheduled for 10/20. I'm contemplating moving it to next week (if I haven't had Kendall yet) so my hair will be done before her birth and I won't have to worry about it for a few weeks...

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  1. What a great treat from Kendall's grandma! :) Hope you enjoyed your massage! I've been talking about scheduling one for weeks but I haven't made it happen yet... I've got to get on it before it's too late!