Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Chris!!!

Today is my man's birthday!!! 26 years ago today my hubby was born into this world. Now if only his daughter would follow suit... just saying Kendall... you can come out now!!!
We will be celebrating his birthday a little today and more this weekend. He has school all day on his birthday... BOO! I'm going to make him a nice dinner and his favorite dessert - cheesecake - tonight! I just LOVE birthdays!
Yesterday I played hooky from work and ran some errands with my mom. We bought her a bunch of cute clothes and went to a few home decor shops! She treated me to lunch at Red Lobster! Yummy! She was trying to get my mind off still being pregnant - and it worked! We had a fun day!
I bought the coolest cup yesterday. It's a reusable drinking cup that resembles one you would get in a drive thru or to go drink! I got one in pink!
It's small things like this cup that make my life so happy! Ha!
I had my last hair appointment before I'm a mommy yesterday afternoon. I got my usual highlights but had her add some lowlights to warm it up for fall. It will also be less maintenance! She trimmed up all my layers so it feels so short today! I love the way your hair feels the day after a haircut!
Have a Happy Thursday and please send labor wishes my way!!! :)

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  1. Love the hair! And definitely sending labor wishes! :)