Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

Still pregnant... but I must say I have enjoyed the last few days! I just got back from lunch with my friend (& cousin in law) Tara at Mark's Feed Store. She is also 9 months pregnant so we needed to eat some spicy BBQ!

Chris had a fun birthday yesterday even if he did spend it doing very adult things... working/school/sleeping. Birthdays are just not as fun as they were when you were 8 and wore party hats!!!

I hung out with my friend Jacqueline and baby Etham (who turns 1 year old this month!), neighbors Pam & Damon and their cutie 5 month old boy Liam. We ate at El Nopal and I got a first hand taste of my future! Taking little ones to a restaurant = bye bye eating!
Jacqueline & Ethan did a few laps with me around the neighborhood after dinner in hopes to convince Kendall to come out. Ethan will be Kendall's boyfriend we've decided. :)

Then I made Chris a cheesecake and a nice steak dinner for when he woke up! I even put a candle on the cheesecake! Ha! Yesterday was a great day!!!

This weekend I will be nesting and cleaning the house. I have such an urge to get everything "ready" and perfect because I just know she's coming!!! Who knows? This could be my last weekend baby free. Instead of dwelling on the fact I haven't popped yet I want to relax and enjoy my home and husband and just soak up the last of my time alone. As much as I want Kendall to be here I know life is going to change big time so I might as well enjoy these last few days spending quality time with myself. And with Chris of course!!! :)

I hope I can report good news next time I blog!! Send more labor thoughts my way!!!

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  1. Well don't you just sound so rational in your final days of pregnany :p LOL - I'm glad one of us can be ;)