Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our First Week home with Kendall

Kendall after 1st bath (from my iphone)

I'm so behind with this blog but I have the best excuse. I'm a new mommy to a beautiful newborn baby girl! Cut me some slack! I'm enjoying every minute of our new family and my new role as mommy.

Sidenote: I promise to one day post the millions of pictures we have taken since Kendall has been born but finding the camera cord right now is not on my list of priorities!

So anyway... while I have a few minutes I thought I'd share what this week has been like. Crazy!
When we brought Kendall home on the 23rd she wasn't having bowel movements and was falling asleep alot when she would eat. Come Monday she was looking a little yellow and at our pediatrician appt. that day her weight had dropped to 7lb 12oz (birthweight 8ob 14oz). I was one scared momma! I was so worried I wasn't provided enough for my baby. Kendall seemed so content so I never thought anything was wrong.

The pediatrician reccommended we feed every 2-3 hours so that's what we have been doing nonstop! It's a tough job but I love our time together.

She also reccommended we go to this place called Babyology and meet with a lactation consultant. Best idea ever! It was wonderful! I feel so much more confident about breastfeeding and by the time we went to the pediatrician again on Friday for a weight check she was 7 lb 15oz. Oh and if you are wondering if she ever had a bowel movement... YES! We have them all the time now.

The first few days home were also rough because I wasn't getting any rest. My mom has stayed a few nights this past week and will probably stay a few more when Chris goes back to work. I love my mom so much. She has been an amazing help and I'm pretty sure I would have gone crazy... or even worse... given up and given Kendall a bottle if it weren't for her.

I know one day when Kendall brings home my grandchild I will do the same for her. Being a mom is GREAT!

This weekend we have started allowing visitors and I'm learning to sleep when Kendall sleeps. That is helping alot since baby girl is wide awake for a few hours every night.

Today is Kendall's first holiday. I'm not real big on Halloween but it gives me a chance to put her in a pumpkin onesie and take her picture with her pumpkin. There are plenty of holidays to celebrate ahead!

Kendall's 10 minutes of sunshine in the window are up (jaundice... remember?) so I'm going to go back to spoiling/holding her too much...

Thank you all again for the well wishes with our new family member! We are in LOVE with her!!! I promise to post some pictures soon!

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