Friday, October 8, 2010

Sleepover & Labor Cookies

How does that saying go?? When the hubby is away the girls will play! Girls, as in myself and Ms. Kendall. And Wilson too.
As I mentioned yesterday Wilson joined me at work. After work I went to my parent's to stay for the evening since the hubs was out of town. My mom's massage therapist buddy came over to give us all massages. I went first and it was AMAZING. She said she knew some pressure points to put you into labor so if Ms. Kendall has not come by the 25th I will be getting another massage for sure!
My mom and sister got massages too! Amanda and I (mostly Amanda) made some cookies during mom's massage. It's a recipe called Jump Start Your Labor cookies and can be found here. They turned out really good! They taste like really spicy gingersnaps. If I happen to go into labor sometime today I will swear by massages & labor cookies!
My mom made a wonderful homecooked meal (my favorite - Ritz Cracker chicken & mashed potatoes - yum!) and we all sat around watching tv and visiting. My dad said it was really nice having all the kids together. The original Van Tilburg 5! I love my family so much and love being around them!
Of course I love my hubby too and I am ever so anxious for him to get home today! We have a slightly busy weekend planned but mostly I have some things I want to do around the house.
Who knows... it could be my last baby free weekend!
Happy Friday!


  1. How fun! If you go into labor I'm definitely getting a massage and baking those cookies too ;)

  2. I love your family stories! You are very close to all your family. I hope to have that when Carl and I have babies!