Thursday, October 21, 2010

So... We had my 39 week growth ultrasound and appointment yesterday. Kendall is measuring 8 lbs 8 oz!!!

So... My doctor asked if I'd like to be induced Thursday since she was on call and Kendall's a healthy (big ole) baby!!! I could have kissed my Dr!!! Ha

So... I ask that you keep Kendall, myself, the hospital, medical staff and my family in your prayers as we welcome Ms. Kendall safely into the world!

I am so happy and can't wait to share pictures of our baby girl with you!!


  1. I've already said this via text but YAAAY!!
    Still praying for you guys :)

    Auria & I are so excited and we can't wait to meet Miss Kendall!

  2. Good Luck! My sister who was due 10/31 is being induced Monday 10/25! Exciting.