Sunday, November 21, 2010


Happy 1 Month Birthday Kendall Grace!!

One month ago today you came into this world and we have fallen under your spell. Daddy and I are crazy about you and we've enjoyed every second!
  • You love to smile when we give you kisses
  • You make the funniest face accompanied with a cute grunt when you use the restroom
  • You love to ride in the car
  • Bath time is your favorite - especially with Grandma!
  • You love your hands
  • You can put your hands folded together and love them by your face
  • You're a milk junkie!!! You get fussy when it's time to eat!
  • Everyone can't get over your hair
  • You sleep so good at night for mommy only waking up once or twice
  • You love laying on your playmat and moving your arms and legs
  • You weighed 8 lbs 15oz last Tuesday
  • You're still wearing newborn diapers because you're long and lean
  • You love watching mommy do her hair
  • You love napping on mommy's chest
  • You don't like changing clothes
  • You are starting to be awake for longer periods of time
  • You bring so much joy to everyone
  • You make the cutest sounds
  • You love your pacifier
  • You are a happy baby but like to be left alone sometimes
  • You love to listen to music

I could talk about you for hours! You amaze me each and everyday! This month has gone by so quick and I want to remember everything. I love you so much!!

Kendall's 1 month checkup is tomm! I will keep you posted!


  1. Happy Birthday Kendall! (What a sweet little message to your baby girl!)

  2. No matter what angle or what mood that baby is so beautiful. :D I had a really great time when you brought her over yesterday! It made my whole weekend. Shelli and Kendall visits are always such a blessing! I cannot wait to go christmas shopping for this mini diva ;D. And momma diva too of course! Keep that baby cute, I hope her doctors appointment today goes swell. Love you both!

  3. She is too cute with all that hair!!

  4. I can't believe it's already been a month. What a beautiful post!!!

  5. How sweet! Happy (belated) one month, Kendall! :)

  6. Aww I want to meet this beautiful baby of yours! That was such a sweet post! :)

  7. What a sweet and special post!!! Can't beleive it's already been a month!