Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Wrapup

Happy Saturday after Black Friday! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday so I wanted to catch up so I don’t forget and Kendall is in her swing asleep.

Kendall and I decided we would stay at my parents Wed. & Thurs night because my mom needed lots of help and Chris had to work anyway.

Here we are in our Thanksgiving attire. Isn’t Kendall’s dress adorable? I personally think she makes the dress … not the other way around!

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My mom hosted Thanksgiving this year at her house and our whole family was there. It’s so fun because every year our family is growing and adding more people. This year Kendall and my cousin Adam’s son Caleb are the newest additions. We also have a new cousin in law Megan and my cousin Liz will be getting married next year!

This is my Grandma holding Kendall!

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Are you ready for extreme cuteness? This may blowup your computer it’s so cute!! Nothing better than a baby photo shoot. Kendall and Caleb were born 6 days apart.

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This one is my favorite! They should be baby models!!Shelli Iphone Photos 046We always forget to take a good family photo. My husband will kill me for posting the one on the left – he wasn’t done eating!

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Daddy had to work Thanksgiving night. :( So Kendall cuddled with Grandma instead. She is so funny how she gets like this – still loves the fetal position!

We love sleepovers at Grandma & Grandpa’s!

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This is a candid morning shot of the most beautiful baby in the world. She was smiling so big in her sleep!! And no my child did not sleep right there all night I just put her down while I gathered our things.

Shelli Iphone Photos 052

We hung out for a bit longer on Friday to celebrate my Grandpa’s birthday!

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Chris and I actually did a little black Friday shopping at Kohl's in the evening. We both needed new tennis shoes – how boring and married like! Ha!

Today we will be celebrating the holiday with his family for dinner and then maybe start decorating the house for Kendall’s 1st Christmas!

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday!

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