Monday, November 8, 2010

Kendall's 1st Sleepover

Hey Everyone!

Greetings from my parent's house!
We have been staying at my parent's house since Saturday because our heater stopped working properly. Boo!
Saturday morning it sounded funny and stopped heating the house so we had someone come look at it and the part to fix it wouldn't be available until Monday. So we headed to my parent's house because we couldn't have Kendall in a cold house!

We have been having a blast here! Chris always jokes that I would live at home if I could. He is right. Ha! I love my parents and siblings and their big, beautiful house! I loved living at home when I did because my family is so much fun!

My dad {aka Grandpa} has especially loved us here! So I had good news for him when the repairman said the heater part wouldn't be available until Tuesday.
It's a good thing my mom has as much baby stuff at her house as I do! The change of scenery hasn't phased Kendall. As long as she's being held and pampered she's a happy camper!

I look forward to being back home but having the extra hands to help with Kendall is fun! I feel kind of bad because my husband has slept with our dog in a guest bedroom and my dad is sleeping in the other guest bedroom so my mom, Kendall and I can sleep in the master suite! Kendall deserves the best!

While we have been staying here Kendall has had a few firsts. Yesterday my mom, sister and I took Kendall to Target for the first time! She is a natural! Ha! She slept the whole time in her carseat!

She did pick up a few outfits while she was there! This was the first of many Target adventures. Having a baby girl is so much fun! She's my best friend. I am truly loving my maternity leave and every second with my precious daughter!
We have a few fun things planned this week so I will try and keep you posted!

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  1. It's been so much fun having a baby at our house also! Why didn't you have children sooner? Is it bad I want it to take time for your heater to be fixed? Maybe but even so the more time I get to hold sweet Kendall, the better! <33