Saturday, November 13, 2010

Newborn Photos Preview

A few days before Kendall came into the world my friend Sara took some pregnancy photos of me. She actually sent me a link to the photos the day before I gave birth. Here are a few I love.
Sara is hoping to one day start a photography business and I 100% support this because she is so talented. This past Wednesday Kendall and I went to Sara's for a newborn session. Let's just say newborns are a bit tricky and have total control over a photo shoot. We are finishing up the photo shoot Sunday but I wanted to give you a preview of these beautiful photos!!!
Because I am not tech savvy I printscreened two of my favorites from my iphone. Ha! Sara has so many great ideas for Sunday so I hope we get more great shots!!!

Isn't Kendall beautiful???
Isn't Sara talented???


  1. Yes and yes! Kendall is gorgeous and Sara is very talented!

  2. Yes on both counts! I LOVE her hair flower :)

  3. Beautiful photos of a beautiful mother/daughter duo, congratulations! Such a blessing!

  4. I will be needing one once you guys are finished :D <3