Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 Months!

Happy 2 months Kendall Grace! I feel like I just wrote your 1 month post last week. You have grown leaps and bounds in this short second month and I’m so thankful to have been on maternity leave still to witness every minute.

 December 2010 032December 2010 033

  • You SMILE at me (and Daddy & other people) ALL the time now – you are such a happy baby
  • You’ve started baby talking and we have conversations all the time – especially after your 4 am feeding
  • You wear size 0-3 month clothing and some 3-6 month outfits
  • Daddy and I weighed you on our scale at home and think you might be around 12 pounds (we will see on Monday at your 2 month check up)

December 2010 034 December 2010 035

  • You love looking at things in the room with a particular liking towards Christmas lights, pictures on the wall and ceiling fans
  • You love to hold your paci when you sleep
  • I’m pretty sure you are going to start walking any minute. You  are my little wiggle worm
  • You love to kick your legs and punch with your arms
  • Bath time is still very popular in your book – it’s one of my favorite times too with you
  • You have started to flirt with boys – mainly Daddy & Uncle David – and that better be it!

December 2010 036 December 2010 037

  • You still love playing dress up
  • If it was safe I’d leave you on your changing table all the time because it’s your favorite place to lay
  • You love your new crib mirror because you get to look at a beautiful baby!!!

December 2010 038 December 2010 039

  • Daddy gave you your first bottle while mommy was at the dentist and you took it like a champ. No nipple confusion here!
  • You love wearing legwarmers
  • You make the sweetest sounds I’ve ever heard
  • You rarely fuss – only when you are really hungry, wet or you just want to be held
  • You like when I bring your swing or seat in the kitchen so you can cook with me
  • You are learning to hold your head up more and starting to reach for things
  • I am pretty confident you know when you are having your picture taken now because you’ve started posing

December 2010 040

Your my sweet baby girl and I love you so much!!! I love every minute of our time together and want to spend all my time with you! Daddy and I are so in love with you and blessed to have you in our lives!

Love you bunches,


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