Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday Week 2010

So… in our family the week of Christmas is CRAZY! Not because of all the holiday craziness but we celebrate 3 birthdays.


December 20 – My sister Amanda’s Birthday (middle)

December 21 – My mom Lillian’s Birthday (far left)

December 22 – MY BIRTHDAY! (far right)

We always have a great time celebrating each birthday together. We are usually so sick of eating out/birthday cake by the time it’s my birthday and then WHAM Christmas food/sweets. I will probably gain 5 pounds this week. Ha!

Anyways although I enjoy celebrating a day that’s all about ME, I find that I don’t get as excited anymore. I guess it’s the whole getting older part. Plus a perfect birthday for me would just be spending time with my baby and husband.

However I used to  have some pet peeves about having my birthday 3 days before Jesus when I was growing up.

1. No one is available to come to your sleepover! Everyone is traveling and celebrating Christmas already.

2.  I don’t give you Easter Eggs or Pumpkins for your birthday so I really don’t want Christmas themed gifts on my birthday!

3. I still to this day make my husband wrap my birthday gifts in NON Christmas wrapping paper!

4. I give you a Christmas gift in December and a birthday gift in May so why is my birthday gift a joint birthday/Christmas gift. Really?

5. We will never have a baby born in December! Ha!

I’m not sure what the plans are for Birthday week 2010 but I assure you it will be fun! I will try and keep you updated this week on our festivities!!!


  1. Right there with ya on not having a baby born in December. I had a friend growing up whose birthday is the 21st and she never really got to have a birthday. Always joint gifts and no parties, just like you said.

    That is awesome, though, that you and your mom and sis have birthdays so close together!

  2. Oh man! I guess I am going have to take back your queen anne's cherries I bought you for your birthmas. Actually, I am going to give you the same thing I give you every year... just keeping up with tradition, "Happy Birthday!" and wait for it, because it's not the same day........"Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And I do believe that I made it for a birthday party at your house when we were little and we watched The Parent Trap.

    Love ya Shelli. I do hope you have a wonderful week!