Thursday, December 23, 2010

Birthday Wrap Up

Well we survived another Birthday Week! If you don’t know what I’m talking about read here.

Monday was Amanda’s 17th Birthday. Kendall and I had planned to stay the night so we packed ourselves up and headed to my parents. Amanda was having a friend come over but she wanted to hit up a local fabric store that was closing. So I left Kendall with Grandma and we shopped for fabric.

December 2010 011

When we got back Amanda’s friend was there and they went to watch a movie in the home theater. That’s when the fun began!!! Amanda had no idea that a few of her other friends were going to come over for a little surprise party. So while she watched a movie with her friend, 2 of her other friends showed up and we decorated the basement. Mom, Kendall and I asked if we could come watch the movie with them in the theater and when Amanda turned around her other friends were there. She was so surprised!!! They played the xbox kinnect game all night (I may have joined in and totally killed it – oh yeah I’m that good) and we had dinenr and cake.

December 2010 023

Kendall and I stayed slept over and had so much fun. We love sleepovers! It was Kendall’s 1st birthday party! Ha!

The next day was my mom’s birthday so she spent some time with Kendall. I will just post the picture of Kendall sleeping on my mom’s lap – my mom might kill me if I post the picture of her with no makeup in a bathrobe holding Kendall. I ran some errands for my mom and brought us back lunch. We watched a movie with mom and Aunt Amanda – Easy A – it was pretty cute. Then it was time for Kendall and I to head home to rest up for my birthday.

December 2010 030

Kendall and I spent the majority of my birthday being lazy. :) We slept in, got bathed and all dolled up for dinner. My parents got me an AWESOME camera for my birthday. It didn't come with a usb cord but when I get one for it be prepared for some amazing photos.

Chris got me a new Willow Tree Figure (I collect those) and an external hard drive (I know I’m a geek but I’m going to need the memory to store all my Kendall photos!).


My sister got me the cutest new coat and my brother got me a movie. My Grandma Novella made me this DELICIOUS cake which we all ate at our house after dinner at Olive Garden.

December 2010 001

Us. :) December 2010 005

I had a wonderful birthday celebrating with my lovely family. I’m blessed beyond measure and look forward to another great year.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Congrats on the camera! Let me know if you need any pointers. But you will get great shots with the auto settings.